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Yuji Aruka

Dr. Aruka is an internationally noted professor of economics at Chuo University in Japan, well known for his work with German physicist Jurgen Mimkes on the disciplines of econophysics, economic thermodynamics, the Carnot theory of wealth, and social temperature. These interdisciplinary economics models are also taken collectively as statistical economics, utilizing methods originally intended for physics and biology in the study of economics. Dr. Aruka jointly published with Dr. Mimkes “An Evolutionary Theory of Economic Interaction” in 2006, following their well-received work “Carnot Process of Wealth Distribution” in 2005.

Born in Bunkyo, Tokyo, to Shoji and Shigeko Aruka, Dr. Aruka matriculated Waseda University in Japan to earn a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Economics. He lectured at Chiba University of Commerce in Ichikawa, Japan, and entered Chuo University in 1985. Since joining Chuo he has taught at Chuo university for 32 years, and was appointed professor in 1990. Doctor’s Degree in Economics was given from Kyoto University. Dr. Aruka has also served as editor-in-chief of Evolutionary Economics and Social Complexity Science since 2013, is a coordinating editor with Evolutional and Institutional Economics Review, and is the president of the Japan Association of Evolutionary Economics.

In the civic sphere, Dr. Aruka has been asked to join the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the foreign service exam committee, and has served with the Society of Economic Sciences acting on behalf of the council with the Heterogeneous Interacting Agents in Milan. He is a member of Clare Hall and the University of Cambridge Alumni.

Yuji Aruka

The minimum heterogeneous agent configuration to realize the future price time series in the AI market experiment: an updated version

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